Les Garrigues Protected Designation of Origin

The PDO is a control and certification regulator which after rigorous quality controls awards the numbered certification labels that are the quality seal and guarantee for the consumer of the extra virgin olive oil produced with Les Garrigues Designation of Origin.

Oli Rupestre del Cogul has earned this label which guarantees that our oil has passed all food quality and safety controls in production and processing.

Growing, producing, processing and packaging extra virgin olive oil with Les Garrigues Protected Designation of Origin all take place in a defined and recognised area.

This is one of the regions with greatest tradition and excellence in making and marketing oil in Catalonia. Sited south of Lleida province, the production area is most of all about culture and tradition. You can see that by going for a stroll through these fields and towns in Les Garrigues, southern el Segrià and southern l’Urgell, counties that make up Les Garrigues Protected Designation of Origin’s geographical area.
The guarantee of this control and certification is endorsed by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity), which has accredited the Regulatory Council as an oil certifier with Les Garrigues PDO (No. 102/C-PR242).


Organic agricultural production, also called biological or ecological, is a system for producing and processing natural agricultural products. Its main purpose is to achieve foodstuffs of the highest quality.

The techniques used in organic agricultural production respect the environment and people because it restricts the use of synthetic chemicals (hormones, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, pesticides, etc.). Hence organic agricultural products do not contain residues from these substances.

Certification is required to ensure that organic production food reaches the consumer with the best possible quality.
. The Catalan Organic Agricultural Production Council (CCPAE) carefully monitors operators through production and processing system audits and takes samples of the products to be analysed. This ensures that these products have not been contaminated by pesticides or genetically modified.

The production and processing system and the control system are common to all European countries and regulated by Regulation (EC) 834/2007. Furthermore, every year the European Commission publishes a list of the bodies authorised to control and certify organic products. In Catalonia the CCPAE is the control and certification body for organic agricultural food products.