El Cogul is a small village with 190 inhabitants, which lies 22 km south of Lérida (Catalonia). It is far from any major roads, the nearest being the Lérida to Flix road some 10 km away.

Only vehicles and tractors travelling at slow speeds alter village life while children play to their heart’s content in complete safety. Few modern buildings upset the harmony of its history.

Like any village firmly tied to its roots, the main square is home to the town hall and the church

Kids that spend their summer holidays in El Cogul will have fond life-long memories of their time here. Pools next to the river and towering trees that afford shade decorate the landscape. And no visit to this unique village would be complete without dropping by the store selling fresh pork charcuterie, handcrafted on the premises, and from which visitors will leave laden down with delectable products.

El Cogul is made up of narrow, uneven and sloping streets.It is a hard and lonely landscape featuring stone walls, vaulted cabins, olive and almond trees and some pine groves.

Large stones also border the valleys. El Cogul is a village where people are eager to be visited by those in search of peace and tranquillity.

But if there is one thing that makes el Cogul unique, then that is its over 10,000-year-old cave paintings which are part of the Rock Art Routes and have been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.