Extra virgin Arbequina olive oil constitutes one of the main staples in the Mediterranean diet. In addition to its energy value, it improves the cardiovascular system, boosts good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), facilitates digestion and reduces the risk of heart attacks as well as gastric acid.

This olive oil is high in vitamins, mostly A and E. It is rich in polyphenolic compounds and natural antioxidants. Furthermore, the oil tones the skin preventing cellular oxidation and postpones premature aging, preventing other diseases.

It is a 100% natural oil made from fresh, robust and full-bodied olives, characterised by complex aromas, hints of grass and/or leaves and aromas reminiscent of many varieties of fruit, mainly tomato and green almond, initially sweet on the palate with a well-balanced touch of bitterness and spiciness. Used in its natural state, the characteristics of the olive oil are enhanced and its flavour and aroma can be savoured. Used in cooking, it improves the flavour of food and affords personality to dishes.

We cannot prove that it is thanks to the olive oil but many of the inhabitants of this area live until they are over 90 years of age.


'Les Garrigues' Protected Designation of Origin



Less than 0.5%

Up to 0.8%


Maximum 15%

Maximum 20%


Maximum 0.10%

Maximum 0.20%


Less than 0.10%

Less than 0.20%


Less than 0.10%

Less than 0.20%